Welcome to the website of the CSAM (Center of Studies on the Antiquity and Middle Ages) hosted by OpenEdition, project supported by CNRS, University of  Aix-Marseille, EHESS, University of Avignon –  accommodated on the platform  hypotheses.org

The Blog will propose studies on themes, genres and myths relating to the Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Humanisme, drawing on the synergies between different disciplines and spreading to the later ages, with a particular focus on the following areas of research: Greek history and literature; papyrology; classical, medieval and humanistic Latin literature; Italian literature. The Carnet will mirror the life of the “Centro Studi Antichità e Medioevo” (Center of Studies on the Antiquity and Middle Ages) and its research activities, being a space of periodic scientific information about the researches, publications, and events carried out by the Center itself. It will show up as an environment open to proposals, through the launch of calls for papers and the possibility of collaborations for publications and discussions, creating a space for dialogue through comments and suggestions by visitors, guests, users. The Carnet will turn to the international scientific community with the purpose of sharing and increasing its own ventures.

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Teresa Caligiure (2015, 10 Febbraio). CSAM. CSAM. Recuperato il 21 Giugno 2024, da https://doi.org/10.58079/ne90

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